A glance from 2022

Join us 02/1/2023 for our upcoming event.

Agronomy On Ice is a free-to-the-public event that is geared toward agriculture, networking, and having a good time. 


Jan 24- Woodland Resort has gotten the moving of snow done and our area is now complete. The berms of snow are pretty tall and there is water sitting on the surface because they have drilled holes to get more water on top so it can freeze and add more ice. If you don’t have to drill holes, please don’t. Woodland has asked if you can block your house. All rental houses will be moved into their places and holes will NOT be drilled in them. The concern is water freezing down houses. We expect to put on another 2-4” of ice with the water on the surface and the cold temps coming in end of Jan. Again, this is why we are limiting vehicles on the ice.


If you are fishing the ice fishing derby, be aware that you will only get around on the lake if you have a snobear, something with tracks or a snowmobile. There are roads on Creel Bay that you can access certain areas by vehicle and there are also ice roads down by the Casino. Do NOT drill any holes on any ice roads. Move off of roads and set up and drill there. If you get yourself into an area and get stuck and if Woodland has to come get you, there is a fee to get unstuck. The amount of snow on the lake is quite amazing.


Log into Fish Donkey and find Agronomists Happy Hour if you want to fish the derby. Woodland is fully ready for your bait and tackle needs. Rules are all in the app.

About Our Event

An Ag event, with a tailgating atmosphere, on a frozen lake.

A Few Things To Know

  • If you plan to fish, you need an ND license which can be purchased at Woodland Resort
  • If posting photos on social media, please use #agronomyonice
  • If you have a house, please have a trash can available to keep your area clean
  • Please no paper handouts so we can eliminate stuff blowing around on the ice
  • Attendees assume all responsibility for their actions, please be safe
  • For safety reasons please only one vehicle per ice house, we are set up close to shore for walk-in convenience


Agronomists Happy Hour Ice Fishing Derby


Good Food, Good Drinks, and Good Company

Join us on 02/01/2023

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We can’t wait to see you all in Devils Lake, North Dakota!