Join us for the Agronomy On Ice – Virtual Derby

The Ice Fishing Derby will be held on Tuesday 2/6/2024 the day before Agronomy On Ice.

The tournament will be hosted on the Fish Donkey app, once in the app you will need to create an account then click the yellow button at the top of the screen labeled “FISH IN A TOURNAMENT” then search for “Agronomy On Ice – Virtual Derby” at the bottom of the page you will see a yellow button that says “JOIN NOW” at this point all you need to do is follow the on screen prompts to pay and register for the event. All transactions will be via the Fish Donkey app.

Download Instructions Download Fish Donkey

Get in on the action

The first 100 registered for the event will receive a custom bump board (measuring board) to use for the ice derby that is yours to keep.

Longest Walleye


Prize Category 1

20% of the cash pot

Prize Category 2

20% of the cash pot

Longest Stringer of 5 Walleye


Longest Perch


Prize Category 3

20% of the cash pot

Prize Category 4

20% of the cash pot

Longest Stringer of 5 Perch


Best Northern Pike


Prize Category 5

Needs to be over 30” and the winner will be chosen by a panel vote based on the best picture holding their pike catch

20% of the cash pot



  • Official hours of the Agronomy On Ice – Virtual Derby are from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm of 2/6/2024 , you can be on the ice before and stay after this time, but catches are not allowed to be entered into the Fish Donkey app until this period and will be cut off at 6:30 pm. This is automatically done through the app.
  • There is no designated fishing area for this ice derby on Devils Lake, registered anglers can fish anywhere on the lake.
  • Hard-shell ice houses (ex. Ice Castle), portable ice shelters, and mobile ice shelters (ex. Sno bear) are allowed.
  • Fishing electronics are allowed, such as flashers and graphs.
  • All legal live bait is permitted.
  • Spear Fishing is Allowed, for Northern Pike ONLY
  • All catches must be recorded via the Fish Donkey app
  • Requirements for a catch to be verified on the Fish Donkey app (2 pictures)
    • 1st: A picture of the fish with belly facing down, nose facing left, and pushed against the bump on the custom bump board that is provided to you upon registration and picked up at Woodland Resort
    • Fish are to be measured in the nearest 0.25” increment, if your fishes tail breaks the plane of a 0.25” mark you round up your measurement to the next largest 0.25”.
      • Example: A walleye is caught and measured at 22.5 inches, but the tail breaks the 0.5” mark on the board, this walleye can be recorded as 22.75” in length.
    • 2nd: A picture of the contestant holding the fish; if fishing by yourself, this can be a selfie or can be shot by someone else of the contestant holding the fish.
    • Pictures must be taken of fish shortly after they are caught, frozen fish or fish that have clearly been left in a bucket all day will be disqualified. This is at the Tournament Directors discretion (Kyle Okke).
    • For fish larger than 30” (for northern pike larger than the board)
      • Place Northern Pike with belly down, nose facing to the left against the bump on the custom bump board (the same as all catches) that is showing the Northern Pike is clearly larger than 30” and record by taking picture of entire fish via the Fish Donkey app.
      • Contestant takes a picture of them holding the Northern Pike. The winner of this category will be voted on via a panel: the criteria the panel is looking for is quality of photo, backdrop, and pose holding the fish. Think funny faces, interesting backgrounds, or angles that make the photo special.
    • All anglers must abide by the North Dakota Game and Fish laws. This organization is not responsible for any penalty that an angler receives from the North Dakota Game and fish Department. All anglers are responsible for their own decisions and actions.